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It is a term borrowed from the world of science and technology, although new in this field are an integral part: home automation, however, is the daily quest to improve the livability of homes. The concept of "smart home" is taking place in both existing homes and in those soon to be built.
Home automation goes hand in hand with the latest electronic technologies, making this sector the workhorse to reduce consumption and improve the quality of life of those who live there. Some examples may clarify the concept, such as that concerning the energy savings.

All we care about the environment and dream of a house with a low energy consumption. A field of Ambient particularly wrought regards the electrical system "intelligent" systems that isolate groups of appliances when not in use, or that govern the operation of the same perspective of saving.
Another recurring theme in home automation concerns the air conditioning and the ability to self-regulate the domestic environment based on the moisture content, the presence of people in the house and other vestments. Not to mention the security alarm systems to which it needs to be super-efficient and able to advise us when we are away. All branches of home automation, as you can imagine, require the use of sensors deployed in the home, which will become the "guardians" of ourselves and the home.

These are some of the examples that relate to automation. Of course, in each of the areas listed requires the utmost simplicity and interfaces to any type of person. In addition, they must operate in any kind of situation: all with an operating cost acceptable, if our smart home will become very expensive, frustrating all the initial good intentions!

Before buying a house under construction, make sure that the property is designed to be a home automation efficiently, in line with the housing needs of the third millennium. We Immobiliare Il Porto offer modern homes, efficient and with a home automation technology.


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