ACACIA T.31 - Condominium Acacia Viale Leopardi (the main street) about 50 meters from the sea.
Two-room apartment on the fourth floor with sea view, in Lido degli Estensi, in the center, 50 meters from the sea. It has a parking space in the condominium area and a habitable terrace. The house is large in size, it has been updated in some parts of the furniture. Upon entering it has a living room with kitchenette, a bathroom with shower and a double bedroom. The apartment has the following features and accessories:

External area

Parking space in the condominium area
Habitable terrace
Outdoor furniture
Communal garden
Living area

Sofa bed
Extendable dining table
Refrigerator - freezer
Sleeping area

Shower cabin
Washing machine
double room

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Rental condition
Booking: stay in our apartments can be make for at least one week, with start and end always on saturday. Into the request of booking must be indicated the combination of the stay you choose, the period and how many people there are, includes children and eventual pets when allowed.
Payment: the booking is valid and ultimate when you  pay down payment  30% of total amount with minimu € 150,00 by postal order or bank wire; the payoff must be done at the moment of the entry in apartments,  at delivery of the keys.
Accomodation: the apartmet is available on the arrival saturday from 16.30 to 19.00 and it must be free not later than 09.00 on saturday of departure. Eventual claims, breakages or shortages you found on the arrival, must be reported  within 24 hours; if you don’t report it in time, you will pay maintenance fees at the end of the stay.
Delivery: the apartment is delivered clean, without bath towels and bedding, while including outfit kitchen.


Prices include: Parking space near the accommodation unit (if indicated on the property card), dishes - air conditioning (if listed on the property card), SAT TV (if provided), animation for the bigger and most Small, use of playground and beach volleyball court (established establishments), VAT, pets allowed.

Beach umbrella and sun loungers: discounts with contracted establishments

Prices do not include: Security deposit with credit card, water and gas consumption (weekly average 25,00) - Bath linen on request (7 euro per person), bed on request (7 euro per person) re-set Apartment, end of rent 30,00 euro Two-room apartment and 35,00 three-room apartments. Final cleaning on request, non obligatory 55,00 two-roomed, 65,00 three-roomed, 80,00 four-roomed.

Pets (if admitted): Deposit Guarantee Supplements € 200,00 and obligatory cleaning € 20,00 per types.

Extra charges payable on site if required:

  • Baby bed: € 2.00 per day
  • Extra bed: € 2,00 per day



Discover the territory


SAND AND SUN: THE BEACHES - The coast of the Po Delta Riviera offers a veritable kaleidoscope of possibilities for exploration and fun. If you love keeping fit, here you can have fun by taking advantage of the countless sports activities on the beach and in the water, you can even try your hand at air sports. With 7 seaside beach resorts - the Lidi di Comacchio (Lido di Volano, Lido delle Nazioni, Lido di Pomposa, Lido degli Scacchi, Porto Garibaldi, Lido Estensi and Lido di Spina) stretched along 23 kilometres of golden, sandy beaches; with campsites, tourist resorts and quality hotels; services and entertainment for
all ages and for every need.

OASIS AND NATURE: THE PO DELTA PARK - The Po Delta has been a Nature Park since 1988 and it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. And then there is the countryside. The riverbeds of the branches of the Po, the fossil dunes,
the dykes that guide the delta to flow into the sea, floodplains and lagoons with wetland environments, the fish basins and the sand- banks; all these elements make sure that the Delta Park provides you with an unforgettable holiday experience.

COMACCHIO, LIKE A PEARL - Set like a pearl in the lattice of waterways
and lagoons of the Delta, Comacchio 
is the capital. A city of bridges and canals, palaces and memories of the past.The most spectacular bridge is the Trepponti, constructed in 1638. An ambitious building with five stairways and arches, under which the inland waterways flow into the old town. You can also visit the “Manifattura dei Marinati”, the old processing factory for the fish caught in the Comacchio Lagoons,when 12 fireplaces are still burning to cook the eels, the tipical dish of Comacchio. Just outside Comacchio, in the pine forest of Lido di Spina, another chapter of local history is embodied in the Remo Brindisi House-Museum, is still a place of culture and comparison and it houses one of the most important private collections 
of contemporary art in Italy.

FLAVOURS OF THE DELTA - The tastes of the Delta are a combination of sea and land: sea and freshwater fish, shellfish, seafood and the leading actor on the lagoon menu, the eel - served with pumpkin, Delta- grown rice and green asparagus, both PGI- certified products, but there is also the typical fruit of this area, such as the nectarine peach and the pear, rigorously PGI.

LET’S CELEBRATE! - The icing on the cake of a holiday on the Comacchio Riviera are events - fairs, festivals, concerts and parties - that take place throughout the course of the year and animate the summer nights.




Leggi le recensioni degli ospiti

Booking: for stays in the apartment, it can be done for a minimum period of one week, with the beginning and end of the stay always on Saturday. The booking request must indicate the combination of the chosen stay, the period and the exact number of people, including children and any presence of animals where allowed.

Payment: the booking is considered valid and final upon payment of the deposit equal to 30% of the total amount with a minimum of € 150.00 by postal order or bank transfer; the balance must be paid upon entry for key collection.

Accommodation: will be made available on Saturday of arrival from 16.30 to 18.00 and must be vacated by 09.00 on the Saturday of departure indicated in the reservation. Any complaints, breakages or shortages found at the entrance must be reported within 24 hours; if not reported in time, any maintenance costs will be charged at the end of the stay.

Delivery: the property is delivered tidy and clean without bath towels and bedding included kitchen kit.

Prices include: Parking space near the accommodation (if indicated on the property's sheet), crockery - air conditioning (if indicated in the property's card), SAT TV (where provided), animation for adults and for the little ones, use of playground and beach volleyball court (affiliated establishments), VAT, animals where allowed.

Parasol and sunbeds on the beach: discount with affiliated establishments

Animals (where allowed): Supplements for security deposits, for animals where allowed € 200.00 and cleaning supplement, mandatory, € 20.00 per type.

Extra charges payable locally:

  • Gas, light and water as per initial and final meter readings.
  • Deposit: 30% of the lease with a minimum of € 200.00 only by credit card.
  • Tidying up apartment: € 40.00 two-room apartments - € 45.00 three-room apartments - € 55.00 four-room apartments
  • Disinfection obligatory: € 20,00 
  • Final cleaning (optional): € 70.00 two-room apartments - € 85.00 three-room apartments - € 95.00 four-room apartments
  • Extra bed: € 2.00 daily - minimum 7 days
  • Free animals (where allowed): security deposit and mandatory cleaning of € 85.00 two-room apartments - € 95.00 three-room apartments (for sanitation)
  • Tourist tax € 0.35 per person per night (children under 12 years do not pay)

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